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Food Industry Futurist

Food Industry Futurist - Technology and Future Trend Consulting

Services for the Foodservice Industry

Future Technology Events


Stimulate and motivate your customers, staff, dealers and business partners with a tailored event covering the latest Food Industry Technology Trends including Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Lab Grown Proteins, Digital Solutions and much more. Rod delivers speaking events tailored to foodservice technology consulting.

Strategy Advisory


Rod is available as a regular or one off particpant in your internal think tank processes - helping to stimulate and motivate lateral thinking, helping to overcome ingrown views and find new solutions and approches to business problems and opportunities. Use him as a business consultant, or for foodservice technology consulting.

Special Projects Resource

Special Projects, Market Research, Foodservice and Food Industry Consulting.

Include an experienced expert in your project. Rod has over 30 years experience in business and technology projects across several industries and over 15 countries. As an experienced business consultant, Rod can help translate technology options for the foodservice sector.

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Foodservice Business Leaders Mentoring Program


Informal, regular webinar meetings to inspire, motivate and educate business leaders. Focused on latest Foodservice Market Research and new technologies and innovation that will effect our industry.

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